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The runaway groom & six rules to a great relationship

Weddings are often filled with special ceremony and sweet soft words. But don’t you just love a wedding that gives you a refreshing bit of unexpected humor!    Last Friday we attended the wedding of some long time friends for an evening ceremony on The Woodlands lawn.  7pm was a perfectly lovely time of night and everything went as expected until they got to the ‘do you give this ring?’ part.

You know the part. . . So the best man started fishing in his pockets but Teddy, the groom, didn’t hesitate.  He shot off at full sprint, tux and all, across the bridge and commandeered that ring and ran back to the alter fast as light and before we could all finish the joy of a good belly laugh.  Everyone hooted and cheered like it was a great race.  His bride’s eyes twinkled as she smiled in her own beautiful and peaceful way and I was stuck by what just took place.  It was actually of a insightful commentary on the philosophy of relationships themselves.
1. Act immediately when it comes to being there for your partner.
2. Build a great group of people behind your relationship willing to cheer you on!
3. Find the humor and you will find the joy.
4. Allow your man to be your hero.   
5. Show your appreciation.
6. Love unconditionally.
The last one you hear a lot but might not see as often.  What I saw was Jody, a relaxed bride, not judging anyone for an oversight, not frustrated that the ceremony wasn’t perfect.  She was gracefully and lovingly there in the moment, smiling. She even gave him a sweet thank you kiss upon his return like he had won the gold just for her. And essentially he had.
So this isn’t some role reversal of a Julia Roberts movie.  It was something much better.
Congratulations Teddy and Jody and Megan too!
Photo by Marcy Shepherd Surber