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Wedding Wisdom

After 15 years of wedding observation, integration and experience, many pieces of wisdom have come to us on this journey through the transition that takes people from falling in love to marriage.  While that actual life transition is your wedding, the wedding experience comes with so many various elements of excitement, planning, then sometimes overwhelm, more joy, pressures, decisions, budgets, differing opinions, and often a peppering of occasional stress during this most wonderful time in your life.

The Woodlands wants the most ease filled experience for any bride and groom out there.  No matter where you get married, or what your story is, we desire for you both to have the wisdom you need to navigate the joy and the challenge.  This is a page where we talk about what that is for many, and how to avoid the common pitfalls of the wedding planning process so that your love and your union are the primary elements you are focused on.  Just as it should be.