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Q. Are Tables and Chairs included at The Woodlands?

A. YES! No matter what package you chose, all the tables and chairs listed below are included. This is a huge cost savings (renting our tables and chairs would cost upwards of $1500) but it’s also very convenient. You have access to all the items below with no additional charges!

Tables & chairs available at The Woodlands –

200 – Natural Wood Folding Chairs

20 – 60” Round Tables – Seats 8-10

8 – 8’ x 30” Banquet Tables – Seats 8-10

6 – 6’ x 30” Banquet Tables

10 – 36” Round Cocktail tables in 2 heights: 30” Standard & 42” Cocktail/High Top

3 – Serpentine Tables

1- 48′ Round

1- 36″ Square

Wood Ceremony Benches to seat 200

Q. What do your chairs look like?

A. We have a very sharp, natural wood folding chair with a comfort cushion in white. We know what a huge impact the look chairs can have on a beautifully designed room, so we offer a chair that looks as good in the meadow as it does in the Great Room. No plastic or metal chairs here. . . .no expensive seat covers necessary to hide that ugly upholstery either!


Q. How do I reserve The Woodlands and secure my wedding date before it’s gone?

A. Your date is yours when we have received your signed contract and initial deposit. As soon as you have chosen the date for your wedding or reception, please contact us. We will place a 7-day courtesy hold on your date while the contract is being drawn up and to give you time to return it with a deposit. If you require a Woodlands-signed copy of your contract, please request it and it will be emailed to you after the deposit has been posted.

Q. How much is the deposit?

A. We require 50% down to confirm your date. The remaining 50% balance is due 60 days prior to your date. Deposits are non-refundable, which is an industry standard considering we turn away clients once a desired date is booked. A Damage deposit will be due just two weeks prior to your event and is fully refundable after everything checks out.

Q. How may I pay my deposits?

A. Down payments can be made by check, cash or credit card to The Woodlands. We accept Visa, MC, and Discover.  You may make your damage deposit payments by providing The Woodlands with a credit card number. We will run the damage deposit of $500 as an authorize only, which will not appear as a charge on your card unless actual damage occurs.

Q. Is it true that there is no sales tax in Montana?

A. Yes, there is no sales tax in the state of Montana. If the beauty of Montana (and The Woodlands) isn’t enough to bring you here for your wedding, this is another darn good reason. Just for fun, take your own state’s sales tax and multiply it by the average wedding cost in Bozeman, $23,500, and see how much you can save!

Q. How far in advance do we need to book our wedding?

A. The Woodlands’ beautiful location books up very quickly and often we are booked at least a year in advance. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t booking a year in advance. We can find a date that will work if you are flexible! Some off-season months or weekdays are easier to find with shorter notice, and with luck, perhaps even a Friday or Sunday may be available in the month you are looking for. Don’t forget that on occasion we do have cancellations, so the coveted Saturday does sometimes pop up. Just contact us and we will find something that works for you!

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to come up and see The Woodlands?

A. Yes, we do showings by appointment only. Schedule a tour here or email or call if you can’t find a time slot online and we can work with you! There is nothing like viewing our spectacular location in person.

Q. May I bring my camera up to take pictures during my tour of The Woodlands?

A. Please do!


Q. What are your rates for having a wedding at The Woodlands?

A. We offer space for special events during May through October and our rates vary depending on whether you are interested in a weekend or weekday. Email us at for the most current pricing and information.

Q. Do my guests have to stay at your location?

A. No, there are no huge blocks of expensive rooms to book in order to host an event at The Woodlands. In fact, we are a special event venue only, so we don’t offer lodging onsite with the exception of our honeymoon suite cabin and the guest cabin next door. We have the luxury of being a private event center, so there is no need to fill rooms or wonder if there will be strangers wandering into your private day. Your guests can stay at the location of their choice, giving them the freedom to be in Bozeman to enjoy all the other activities and dining during their entire stay.  We can also connect you with shuttle services to seamlessly accommodate your guests’ transportation to and from their lodging.

Q. Can I hold my wedding AND reception at The Woodlands?

A. Yes. The grounds of The Woodlands provides many options for wedding ceremonies or receptions, outdoor as well as indoor. You can walk down the aisle in our lush meadow, in our great hall or set the scene on our one-of-a-kind pergola bridge. You can host your wedding reception indoors in our great room or have an outdoor reception on our lawn. Our patio area offers an ideal location for a cocktail hour and space for an intimate standing room ceremony or for an expanded reception through the French doors of the great room.

Q. Do you ever book two events at your location in one day?

A. No. We never want to rush anyone’s enjoyment of The Woodlands, nor do we want you to have to share your day with another event. You get the facility for a 22-hr rental, from 10 AM to 8 AM the next day, so that you can relax and truly enjoy your day.

Q. How can I save some money?

A. If your dates are flexible, we offer discounts on our location rental during weekdays (Mon.-Thurs.)

Q. Is there a weather alternative space?

A. The Great Room provides the perfect alternative to an outdoor gathering. The comfort and beauty of the space will help ensure your change of plans will not be too disruptive to your special day.

Q. Are linens included?

A. 60 color options in polyester linens (tablecloths and napkins) are included in our Complete and Deluxe Package; however, if you have chosen our Standard Package, they are still available as an ‘Add-On’ option. You are welcome to get your linens from another source if you choose. The Woodlands provides you all the flexibility you need to do things your way, but a majority of our brides appreciate the convenience, color and fabric options, as well as pricing, of the linens offered through The Woodlands. And no, you don’t have to clean them! Just leave them on site and we take care of the rest.

Q. Is your building fully heated? Air conditioned?

A. The building is fully heated and even has an oversized fireplace that turns on with the touch of a button for both warmth and ambiance. Our building is not air-conditioned as it is very well insulated and typically retains a natural cool since it is located in a heavily-wooded mountain location. Our property can be up to 10 degrees cooler than in town. We also have an industrial ceiling fan that is installed in the great room to move air if necessary.

Q. How early can I get in?

A. You may start as early as 10 AM the morning of your event.

Q. Do you have a dance floor?

A. Yes! Our beautiful stained concrete floor looks like hand-rubbed leather and provides a wonderful space for dancing while giving you the flexibility to situate the dance floor wherever you want it.

Q. Do you know a good officiate, photographer, caterer or florist?

A. This area is full of many talented, top-shelf vendors. Refer to our Links page for options. If you prefer, The Woodlands can facilitate and coordinate arrangements with your vendors for greater ease with your planning process. This service incurs a 15% fee in addition to vendor fees.

Q. Can we have a rehearsal at The Woodlands for the wedding ceremony?

A. The rental of The Woodlands is for the hours of 10 AM the day of your event to 8 AM the following day. Occasionally brides want their rehearsal at The Woodlands, so they will choose to have it at 10 AM sharp on the day of their event. Others rent our location for the entire day before, at our discounted rate (the discount is available only 60 days prior to your event). All the rest have their rehearsals off site and it works just fine. More details on how to achieve any of these options are available upon request.

Q. Is there a place for the wedding party to change clothes or get ready?

A. Yes. The Woodlands offers two individual and comfortable bride and groom Dressing Areas, as well as the spacious and light filled Loft.  Keep in mind we also have the onsite Cabin available for an additional getting-ready area.

Q. May we take photos around the property?

A. Absolutely!!! We have an amazing property and spectacular views to provide a limitless number of wonderful photo opportunities to use during the times of your rental.

Q. Do you allow pets?

A. We do not allow your guests to bring pets however we will make an exception for a dog or dogs of the bride and groom (perhaps a ‘ring bearer’) with prior approval from The Woodlands and any service dogs as well.


Q Can we bring in our own food or alcohol?

A. Yes! We offer you the flexibility and cost savings of choosing your own caterer. How refreshing to hear this answer, when so many other locations simply don’t allow this option but offer high-priced or limited menus instead. We also offer excellent resources and guides to connect you with the right caterer, yet never limiting your choice of caterers to a preferred vendor list. If you would prefer for us to arrange the caterers and menu, we will happily do so for a 15% fee.

Q. Does The Woodlands provide onsite staff working each event?

A. No, the onsite staff is typically provided by the catering service from the caterer of your choice. We do have pre check-in and post check-out staff that complete the setup and/or clean up if you have chosen these options, and during the hours of your rental, there will be a manager on site to provide assistance with questions throughout the event.

Q. Do you need a permit for alcohol? Do you charge corking fees?

A. No permit, no outrageous markups, and no corking fees! What a relief! If you plan on having a cash bar, you just need to hire a bar with a liquor license. See our vendor guide for traveling bar services.

Q. What is included in the caterer’s area?

A. The catering area is an excellent staging area for food service. It offers good shelf and counter space to prep and serve food. It offers a large capacity commercial refrigerator, double sink and triple sink as well and many electrical outlets as well as a private entrance from the back for privacy and efficiency. Caterers prefer to work out of their own commercial kitchens with their own supplies for most of the food preparation.


Q. How do I get to The Woodlands?

A. Visit the Map Page of our website for directions and please. . .DO NOT use for directions. Their directions are incorrect and will not get you to The Woodlands.

Q. Is there on-site parking?

A. The Woodlands offers onsite parking free for our guests. Our parking accommodates 75-80 cars when properly parked.

*Due to seasonal changes and the wide range of information covered, all information provided here is subject to change without notice.