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Guest Information

Guidelines for Guests of The Woodlands                                 

In order to ensure you enjoy your visit to The Woodlands as much as possible, we are listing a few “good-to-know guidelines”. Thank you, in advance, for respecting the host of your upcoming gathering as well as the great natural space of The Woodlands.

COVID Expectations: In this unique time we are in, we are taking additional sanitation measures to turn over a safe facility that is surrounded by fresh mountain air and lots of beautiful space. Gatherings of up to 50 or more is allowed under the Governor’s Phase 2 guidelines as long as social distancing is maintained. If you are sick, exposed to being sick, or have recently been sick, please stay home. Guidelines are applicable throughout all phases and individuals should continue to practice good hygiene by adhering the following guidelines: 

Pets: Thank you for honoring our NO pets policy.

Camping: No RVs or camping allowed overnight – if you drive an RV, you can reserve a campsite nearby at

Transportation: We highly encourage car pooling for many great reasons. If you have made the wise choice to catch a ride and leave your vehicle after a few drinks, please gather your car by no later than 8 AM the following day, as we typically have another event that is checking in that morning.

Celebration: No confetti or glitter of any kind is allowed on The Woodlands property. No cans tied to get-away cars. Please find a more traceless option of celebrating, such as bubbles.

Weather- Summer: Surprising weather patterns can appear in the most unlikely of seasons. As The Woodlands is sheltered from some of the higher temperatures in the summer, we encourage you to embrace the layering concept and bring several options for your comfort. Think of something that can take you through a hot summer day into a delightful temperature drop in the evening with a slight chance of rain or snow. (Yes, it is rare but we have seen snow in June, July and August!) A portion of our property is gravel or grass, so keep that in mind when picking the heels of your choice!

Weather -Winter: If you are visiting us during the winter, prepare for more snow than is typically in town. Our roads are plowed but good vehicles help ensure everyone’s overall trip comfort. Sensible shoes or boots are wise.

Map: Please use our map, linked below, to find us easily and do not use MapQuest, which will take you on an adventure, but certainly not to The Woodlands.

When you get here. . .

• We would like to encourage a “Leave no trace” low-impact attitude during your stay. Please be mindful of excess noise, trash in the parking lot, damage to vegetation, etc. We have ashtrays so don’t hesitate to use them! Please, no cans attached to the married couple’s get-away car ~ they just end up littering the road to where they are headed.

• Parents, help us keep the wildflowers longer than a week by sharing with your children that instead of picking the flowers, enjoy them and leave them for more people to enjoy. Please leave our decorative rock borders intact.

• On-site parking is provided. Please park with space efficiency in mind so that guests don’t need to park on the road.  Please do not park on or in front of the patio.

• Open fires are not permitted on the grounds unless approved by The Woodlands prior to the event.

• Montana provides us spectacular brushes with nature. Enjoy them, but please drive slowly as our road is graced by deer and other varieties of nature, not to mention locals. And we must state the obvious. . .The Woodlands has a no hunting policy!

Our mountain property is pristine and we appreciate all the visitors that help us keep it that way.