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Danielle & Scott’s Montana Memories in Motion

It’s a great question. . . What do you hope we remember about this day?

Some memories embody a feeling, an overall experience or even a snapshot in your mind that you will never forget.  Perhaps it’s the butterflies of excitement or the way your dad’s eyebrows crinkle up in emotion as he sees his little girl walk around the corner to take his arm for that walk down the aisle to a new beginning.

Danielle and Scott experienced their wedding day here in September 2011.  They were thoughtful enough to have a book where they invited everyone at their wedding to share with them a different perspective of what to remember on their special day.  {Brilliant!}

My mom always said ‘perspective is everyone looking down on the same valley from different mountain tops’.   You won’t remember it all, and yes, it will fly by no matter what.  But even if you are on the best mountain top in the world, what will that mean to you to see it from another perspective, to live it all over again?

That is why a videographer is such a important part of the picture.  What Randi Jacobson with Moonstone Pictures did here and what she does for all her weddings is such a gift.  To capture the sounds, the experiences, the words and then to put it all together is a way that gives new birth to your day.  To see it in ways you didn’t get a chance to, while you were playing your own part in creating your life’s moments.

What was the one single regret of my own wedding nearly 12 years ago?  I thought I couldn’t afford a videographer.  What I would do to snuggle in with my husband on our coming anniversary and just re-live the moments of our day.  I hold snapshots in my mind and treasured snippets, but some of the memories are lost to time.  Kudos to Scott and Danielle for having the foresight to bring in the talent of Moonstone Pictures.

So step back into September 4th 2011 and visit Danielle and Scott’s beautiful day at The Woodlands.  It was my pleasure to work with them closely, to handle all the details as their day of wedding coordinator so that they could be living it up like you are about to see.  Click below to live it up with them!

Danielle& Scott – The Woodlands September 2011