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Ever After Bridal Event is the perfect kickstart to your wedding planning process!

It is the most wonderful time of the year!  You may be thinking of Christmas but no!  It’s time for The Woodland’s delightfully different and outrageously beautiful bridal event ‘Ever After’!  So mark your calendar and call all your friends!

More details here: Ever After

The festivities are one day only, January 11th, 2015 (it may be next year but it’s only a month or so away!). Come anytime from 11am – 4pm.  Once you shake the snow off your boots (boots are always a good idea in a Montana January) and you are relieved of your coat, you will find yourself with a choice of champagne, hot cider or another delicious beverage by The Zebra Cocktail Lounge & Catering.  Our great room will be decked in the splendor of this years chosen colors: rich emerald greens and corals and the room will be filled with super fun and amazingly talented vendors to chat and mingle with.

Nibble samples from our caterers or view some beautiful photography, try on a wedding dress (or five!) by After Five and Weddings, check out one of our favorite DJs and hop into the photobooth by Big Sky PhotoBooth for giggles with accessories.  We just can’t mention it all but we know you will see for yourself soon enough.

There is no other event like it and rumor has it, this one is the most fun!  We aren’t biased around here.

Oh and one final note, you do not have to be a bride to attend.  I have had past brides come and mingle just to revisit the memories of their day at The Woodlands.  moms, friends, and bridesmaids come to gather info for a bride in a different state or one that can not attend.  Or you can pop up just to say hello.  My husband even puts on a tux for the day so that is worth seeing right there!  I can’t wait to meet and mingle with you all.  We will be here to help you make the wedding planning process as easy as it is fun!

Scott & Molly Miller 2011

Scott & Molly Miller celebrated their family and marriage at The Woodlands just about a year ago this July.  I came across the photos recently by the very talented Tori Pintar of Eye in the Sky Photography and just HAD to share them and this wonderful couple with you all.  What a beautiful collection of natural and candid images capturing Scott and Molly, their sweet daughter Ella and the celebration that was had by all.

{Click photos to expand the size to check out all the beautiful details.}

Check out what Scott (master craftsman and architect) made for above the mantle.  Complete with a silhouette of Molly, Scott, Ella and their Golden.  Love.

 Congratulations you two!  
It was a pleasure to have you and your amazing group here for such a beautiful day.

For a complete slideshow  go to Eye in the Sky Photography’s website:  Scott & Molly Miller

Sweet peas and tender moments ~ Travis & Kyndra

Kyndra & Travis Campbell shared a beautiful wedding day at 
The Woodlands ~ Bozeman, MT 
on June 23rd, 2012.  
Kyndra choose a soft purple and sweet peas, a fitting match for a such a sweetheart of a person with a soft and gentle demeanor.

The day was captured with tenderness and warmth by Morgan LaMare Photography.  I love the way Morgan seems to find the inner glow in her clients and brings it forth so beautifully in her photographs.

Travis and Kyndra searched long and wide for lovely vintage and re-purposed bottles to cluster on tree rounds on the tables and the groomsmen teamed up to arrange the sweet peas provided by Leslie Lukas Wedding & Events.   I always enjoy centerpieces that vary enough that they invite you to wander the room to see each table.  I love the way it turned out!

Arron at The Zebra provided beverages to keep guests refreshed and Joe’s Mobile DJ provided music to keep everyone dancing.  Kyndra said “I didn’t know I could laugh and cry so much in one day!”  Congratulations to two lovely people!  We are thankful that The Woodlands got to share in the glowing joy of your day.  All the best, Elsa

The runaway groom & six rules to a great relationship

Weddings are often filled with special ceremony and sweet soft words. But don’t you just love a wedding that gives you a refreshing bit of unexpected humor!    Last Friday we attended the wedding of some long time friends for an evening ceremony on The Woodlands lawn.  7pm was a perfectly lovely time of night and everything went as expected until they got to the ‘do you give this ring?’ part.

You know the part. . . So the best man started fishing in his pockets but Teddy, the groom, didn’t hesitate.  He shot off at full sprint, tux and all, across the bridge and commandeered that ring and ran back to the alter fast as light and before we could all finish the joy of a good belly laugh.  Everyone hooted and cheered like it was a great race.  His bride’s eyes twinkled as she smiled in her own beautiful and peaceful way and I was stuck by what just took place.  It was actually of a insightful commentary on the philosophy of relationships themselves.
1. Act immediately when it comes to being there for your partner.
2. Build a great group of people behind your relationship willing to cheer you on!
3. Find the humor and you will find the joy.
4. Allow your man to be your hero.   
5. Show your appreciation.
6. Love unconditionally.
The last one you hear a lot but might not see as often.  What I saw was Jody, a relaxed bride, not judging anyone for an oversight, not frustrated that the ceremony wasn’t perfect.  She was gracefully and lovingly there in the moment, smiling. She even gave him a sweet thank you kiss upon his return like he had won the gold just for her. And essentially he had.
So this isn’t some role reversal of a Julia Roberts movie.  It was something much better.
Congratulations Teddy and Jody and Megan too!
Photo by Marcy Shepherd Surber

Honoring each deliberate step down the aisle.

Tonight’s June wedding wrapped up early, leaving time for me to take an evening stroll after getting the chick-lets (my girls) and the chickens (our hens) all settled in.   I walked the winding path through the trees and paused under the bridge alight with twinkle lights.  The birds were coming alive with inspired song around me, I was stuck with how blessed I am to be a guest in such a beautiful corner of the world such as this.  Even more profound is the feeling of being part of something so much bigger than me.

I walked the path of the left over petals from the ceremony earlier today and imagined all the people that have walked each deliberate step down their aisles, to arrive at their love, their husband, the father of their future children and the grandfather of their grandchildren.  So many beginnings happen on these blades of grass.  So many intentions set by people with love in their hearts and commitments solid in mind.  So many webs of support have been woven from all the guests that attend and honor these milestone moments.

I stood  between the cherry trees this evening and I got a chance to imagine them all as I drank in the fragrance of the cherry blossoms.  The setting sun’s light cast a soft glow across the canyon hillside and the rush and tumble of the creek just scented the air with the ebb and flow of spring.   As many times as brides, grooms, and families have thanked me for being at The Woodlands, today I felt an answering gratitude for all the people who have chosen to be here.  I am so grateful for all those who helped build the layers of new beginnings here.  Each couple, each exchange of vows, each wedding celebration is what makes the magic of this place deeper and so much more meaningful in the history of love.