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Category Archives: Love Notes

An August weekend of joyous wedding celebrations

This last weekend was whirlwind of wonderful weddings with outstandingly cool folks.  Thursday brought sweet Penny and Nick who had  family friend Governor Brian Schweitzer performing their ceremony.  I got the chance to tour the Woodlands property with Brian’s special services security team and meet some of the great guys from the Highway Patrol for some added excitement and even talked Ghost Pepper salsa (yum) with Justin from Helena’s Karmadillos.

Friday, we had a fun-loving crew of people that came to celebrate with the lovely Dory and her new husband, Mike, a scotch and cigar columnist.  They were so relaxed and quick to laughter on their day here at The Woodlands that it was hard not to smile just being around them.

Finally, our kindhearted gem of a bride, Stephanie and her handsome Justin celebrated their union in style.  I will leave you with these photos – including the fun shot of Stephanie captured by Doug of Loneman Photography – and some heartfelt words from Stephanie on her experience here at The Woodlands.

We cannot THANK YOU enough for the amazing and PERFECT weekend! Our ‘Big Day’ was even more wonderful than we could have imagined! We will be forever grateful to you and The Woodlands!
All Our Love and Prayers,
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander 😉