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Category Archives: Happy Anniversery

Anniversary: Charlton & Elsa- One decade, baby!

Ten years ago, my husband Chuck and I stood before family and friends and said our vows of marriage.

The celebration of such milestones is always a perfect opportunity to pause in our busy lives and sit in reflection. We promised to honor each others dreams, support each others personal growth and to “speak softly, listen deeply, laugh often, and comfort quickly”.   As I look back, I have an even better understanding of what we did that day. With our vows, we had committed to a kind of road map of how our life, our marriage and our relationship to each other would be. . and then we celebrated it (sangria and all!).

We pull out those same vows every anniversary and make those very promises to each other.  Every year, it means something different in relation to where we are in life, but it means something a little deeper every time.

As I look back on our wedding, I remember being moved by the overwhelming amount of love I felt from everyone around me and I remember feeling more beautiful than I had ever felt and I was so elated to be marrying THIS man, that I just floated through the day.  {That’s us below; photo by Winslow Studios}   Regular life may have less floating, but it’s true, real and good and we should seize every opportunity to celebrate it and its milestones. 

Many of you reading this may be in a very different place.  As I look back, you look forward,.  You are just beginning this journey.  But through it all, be it the planning, the day itself or the blessed, yet real life that follows, I hope that you speak softly, listen deeply and laugh often with each other.  I hope we get to have you here at The Woodlands to build your own memories to last a lifetime.  You too, will get to look back on those moments you made together, under the firs, surrounded by family and friends and celebrate what you did and how far you have come.  Even the small victories should be celebrated. . .like finding the dress that makes you feel spectacular, discovering the perfect location nestled in an enchanted forest 😉 or finally dropping all those invites in the mail! Celebrate!

One final note; this will be the first part of a new series I want to do on this blog.  As we are able, I will be gathering other photos, thoughts and stories for past weddings at The Woodlands and posting Happy Anniversary spots on other couples who have walked the Woodlands on their wedding day.  I hope you find inspiration in their perspectives.  So look for these and contact me if you have a story or memory to share.