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Honoring each deliberate step down the aisle.

Tonight’s June wedding wrapped up early, leaving time for me to take an evening stroll after getting the chick-lets (my girls) and the chickens (our hens) all settled in.   I walked the winding path through the trees and paused under the bridge alight with twinkle lights.  The birds were coming alive with inspired song around me, I was stuck with how blessed I am to be a guest in such a beautiful corner of the world such as this.  Even more profound is the feeling of being part of something so much bigger than me.

I walked the path of the left over petals from the ceremony earlier today and imagined all the people that have walked each deliberate step down their aisles, to arrive at their love, their husband, the father of their future children and the grandfather of their grandchildren.  So many beginnings happen on these blades of grass.  So many intentions set by people with love in their hearts and commitments solid in mind.  So many webs of support have been woven from all the guests that attend and honor these milestone moments.

I stood  between the cherry trees this evening and I got a chance to imagine them all as I drank in the fragrance of the cherry blossoms.  The setting sun’s light cast a soft glow across the canyon hillside and the rush and tumble of the creek just scented the air with the ebb and flow of spring.   As many times as brides, grooms, and families have thanked me for being at The Woodlands, today I felt an answering gratitude for all the people who have chosen to be here.  I am so grateful for all those who helped build the layers of new beginnings here.  Each couple, each exchange of vows, each wedding celebration is what makes the magic of this place deeper and so much more meaningful in the history of love.

Jennie Lynn Photo captured this timeless moment.

Diving into wedding season, diving into now.

I am on my tip-toes at the edge of the spring board of wedding season at The Woodlands.  I have shamelessly abandoned my blog this last year in favor of hunkering down and doing it (instead of writing about it) and more importantly, in favor of choosing to live in the beautiful present moment, as much as humanly possible.  Having a second baby means you are fully aware of how fast they grow and how precious all this family and life stuff really is.  This means a little let-go of the non-essentials like blogging.  Yet I have missed it, the excuse to find my voice in a different way and the opportunity to connect and share pieces of my world with the likes of those who will pause to read.

So I am going to bring you a snippet here and there of our world in our corner of Cottonwood Canyon, Bozeman, Montana 2012.  We will get to weaving our way through the days of joy and celebration held by so many of our lovely couples this coming summer and by myself in my general daily delight in life.  Who says you have to get married to experience joy & celebration?!

A quick catch up on the details since I last blogged.  I filed stacks and stacks of papers.  Found things so old that my kick-ass assistant Taye just laughed.  At me.  A lot.  K-so filing isn’t my passion.  I coordinated some truly lovely weddings last year.  While pregnant.  If you have ever been pregnant and you know what hormones do to your mind, well then you will realize the accomplishment it is to keep it all straight in your mind while runing around all day long on your feet (best way to run, really). 😉  I loved it though.  I so enjoy orchestrating the smooth flow of a beautiful day and to see the ease of a couple relaxed and know the trust that they place in me.  To each of you that allowed me to be part of that, thank you.

Also, I won a limbo contest ( still pregnant. . .;) and in November, I got to usher in the sweetest little soul into our family..  Miss Freya Hennessy Campbell. You have probably never heard this from a mom, but she really is spectacular. Really,  I have tried to treasure every moment but sometimes the list is long and the responsibilities are many and you forget to do just that.  But then you remember and you pull yourself back to the place in time that is most powerful.  Now.  So here is wishing you some powerful nows or perhaps just soft, lovely moments to your day.  May you recognize them and smile. I will leave you with a few photos to show off a couple of photographers that helped capture my moments in a way my memory could never achieve.  Thank heavens for that.

Lauren Brown Photography

Morgan LaMare Photography

In the News: Article on a Montana wedding venue.

Alternative online newspaper The Bozeman Magpie and local favorite  Katie Lineberger Thomas introduces those that are not yet in-the-know to a pristine and delightful wedding and event venue.  Any guesses as to where such a treasure might be?

The article is brought to life by the beautiful images taken by Lauren Brown Photography who shoots at The Woodlands at every opportunity we can have her!  She always brings  warmth with her fresh perspective as she captures the beauty and personality of each event.

Now that you know the talent lowdown, take a peak at what other people are saying about The Woodlands.

Rustic Elegance at The Woodlands
by Katie Lineberger Thomas