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Personal Bio

The people you work with closely during your event will shape your experience dramatically.  Choosing the vendors that will make up your team makes all the difference in the world!  So here is a little intro to us, the good people whom you will be touching base with throughout your planning process.

My name is Elsa, owner, and founder of The Woodlands.  My team and I set the stage for many important weddings and celebrations in connection to Montana‚Äôs natural beauty.

Elsa - owner and founder of The Woodlands

I love to be part of life’s amazing milestones and watch as people weave their moments and memories from The Woodlands into the fabric of their lives.  Being a part of writing personal history is such a blessing. Helping people navigate not only the mechanics of an event but the emotions that flow along with it, is part of my calling.

I grew up here in Bozeman and couldn’t ever bring myself to leave except for the occasional travel adventure. I am married to an incredible man that built The Woodlands as a manifestation of our dream, and he keeps me laughing harder and loving deeper as the years go on.  He is my best friend and my forever.  I am the mama to two dynamic and joyous girls.  I am supported by an amazing network of beautiful friends and family who have been there for us in countless ways throughout our journey.

I adore great food (Sushi, Thai, Indian, wood-fired pizza you name it!)  a glass of bubbly, big sunglasses, and hammocks.  I love the real-life chaos that occurs when I  get together with my girlfriends and we all try to cook dinner, keep track of whose glass is whose, and catching up with one other while kids are whizzing circles around us.  We love soaking in local hot springs, river floats under the summer sun, and a great powder day on the hill.

I also love that you read this entire thing…really, way to go the distance!  You will do just fine with this planning stuff.  We got this!

Enough about me…let me introduce you to our Wedding Team Extraordinaire! They have developed expert status working with weddings here for many years and provides me the support that allows me to step away from the day to day tasks be the visionary for growth and improvement at The Woodlands. 

Jaslin has worked with The Woodlands and our family for years and is gracious and beautiful inside and out.  She has a warmth and calm that is just what is needed during such a full and busy time for people.  She offers Day of Coordination and other planning services to help people stay present in the fleeting moments.  She helps create space with thoughtful intention and is one of your guides that will help you navigate the planning process with ease. She brings knowledge to planning a wedding and with her experience; she helps things flow smoothly and is ever a guiding light for our couples and clients from the beginning to the celebratory wrap-up.

Katie is another longtime team member that is our goddess of sparkle and shine.  She rounds out our team with her great smile and sweetheart.  She can set and prepare a space so that everything is glowing when you arrive.  Our building and property gets the love and care it deserves from a team of people that know how much that really matters.